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Our Team


Team Member #1

Scott Kudera began his career in communications  field in May of 1995.


Team Member #2

Pat Davis began his career in the business communications field in Feb 1998. When it comes to finding a solution to meet you needs, he has it figured out. Full line of Vertical Phone Systems, Partner, Panasonic.


Team Member #3

Fran Pinkelman has been servicing customers phone systems in the area for 30 years. Iwatsu, Samsung, Mitel, Hotel Systems. NEC


Team Membemer #4

Jane Becker began her career in December  2006. She is one that keeps the office together and keeps us technicians on the straight and narrow line.

About Us

About us: We have more than 80 Years combined experience in communication solutions for commercial and industrial business's in Northeast Nebraska, from new installs to developing specialized solutions to meeting any customer's needs.